Appendix 2
The Development of the Unborn Child's Body





The lung bud is present.
Day 22 Sadler, p 210
The lung bud appears. Days 22-24 Larsen, p 82
Lung buds may be seen. Day 27 after conception Rugh, p 43
The lung bud branches into left and right bronchial buds. Days 26-28 Larsen, p 82
The lung bud appears. Approximately 4th week of development Sadler, p 260
The lung bud develops. 4th week after fertilization Moore, p 262
Bronhci begin to form in the right and left lung. 7th week after fertilization Moore, p 262
The lungs have lobes and many-branched bronchioles. 8th week after conception Rugh, p 53


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