Appendix 2
The Development of the Unborn Child's Body





The liver is the first gastric gland or organ to develop.
Nap Rugh, p 42
Liver cells begin to draw together. Day 21 after conception Rugh, p 42
The liver is developing. 4th week of development Sadler, p 274
The liver bud is present. Approximately day 25 Sadler, p 281
The liver bud sprouts. 4th week Larsen, p 157
The liver bud is present. End of 1st month Sadler, p 271
Liver cells can be recognized as the liver. Days 27-30 after conception Rugh, p 42
Liver ducts are forming. 5th week after conception Rugh, p 46
The liver is developing. Day 39 after fertilization Sadler, front pages
The liver is developing. About 48 days after fertilization Moore, p 99
Red blood cells are formed primarily in the liver. 9th week after fertilization Moore, p 112


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