Appendix 3
Movement and Learning Patterns of the Unborn Child and The Development of the Senses





The fetus has many more taste buds than a newborn. It probably has a sense of taste.
Nap Rugh, p 34
Taste buds begin to form. 8th week after conception Rugh, p 53
Taste buds are evident. 3rd lunar month Williams, p 169
Taste buds are developing. 11th - 13th weeks after fertilization Moore, p 234
A facial response occurs when the fetus is given bitter-tasting substances. Reflexes between the taste buds and facial muscles are in place. 26th - 28th weeks after fertilization Moore, p 234
A fetus swallowed more amniotic fluid when it was sweetened. In contrast, the fetus responded to the injection of a noxious-tasting substance into the amniotic fluid by reducing its sucking movements, possibly indicating that it did not like the taste of the substance. Before birth Nijhuis/Hepper, p 136


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