Appendix 3
Movement and Learning Patterns of the Unborn Child and The Development of the Senses


Hand-to-Face Contacts



Insertion of the fingers into the mouth has been observed.
8th week after conception Nijhuis/de Vries, p7
First occur. 8-10 1/2 weeks after conception Nijhuis/de Vries, p 5
The hand touches the face slowly and the fingers often open and close. 8-10 1/2 weeks after conception de Vries (1982), p 309 & p 311
Observed in 12 of 12 fetuses studied, with a median frequency of about 25 contacts per hour. 10th week after conception de Vries (1985), p 113
In a study of 9 fetuses, the median number of hand-to-face contacts was 95 per hour. 18th week after conception Roodenburg, p 33


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