Appendix 2
The Development of the Unborn Child's Body





The sex of the embryo is determined genetically.
At fertilization Sadler, p 319
Genetic sex is established. At fertilization Williams, p 180
The embryo's chromosomal sex is determined. At fertilization Moore, p 37
The difference between a male and a female is determined genetically at the time of conception. At conception Rugh, p 7
Microscopic examination can identify the embryo's sex because the ovaries and testes have differentiated. Day 46 after conception Rugh, p 51
The gonads acquire male or female characteristics. 7th week of development Sadler, p 319
External examination can reveal whether the embryo is male or female. Day 50 after conception Rugh, p 7
External genitalia are starting to indicate whether the fetus will be male or female. End of 10th week after fertiliztation Williams, p 154
The sex can be established by ultrasonic measurement of the external genitalia. 12th week after fertilization Sadler, p 113
The sex is clearly distinguishable.

End of 12th week after fertilization

Williams, p 154
The sex of the child can be determined from external examination. 12th week after fertilization Moore, p 109


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