Appendix 2
The Development of the Unborn Child's Body





The first indication of the developing internal ear can be found.
Approximately day 22 Sadler, p 382
The primorida of the ears are present. Day 23 after fertilization Moore, p 5
Otic placodes appear. Days 24-25 Sadler, p 110
The otic pit, a sign of the first development of the internal ear, is present. Day 26 after fertilization Moore, p 95
The ear placode is present. Day 28 after fertilization Sadler, front pages
The ears have started to form. Day 30 after conception Rugh, p 41
The external ears are developing. Days 35-49 Larsen, p 261
Ear swelling is present. Day 36 after fertilization Sadler, front pages
The ears are forming. During the 2nd month Sadler, p 106
The ears are developing rapidly. 7th week after conception Rugh, p 52
The auricle, or external ear, is visible. Day 54 after fertilization England, p 92
The auricles of the external ear start to take on their final shape. End of 8th week after fertilization Moore, p 100
The ears stand out from the head. 16th week after fertilization Williams, p 155; Moore, p 109


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