Appendix 1
The Chronological Development of The Unborn Child


Fourteenth Week



Slow eye movements occur.
14th week after fertilization Moore, p 112
Scalp hair patterning is determined. 14th week after fertiliztaion Moore, p 112
The lower limbs are well-developed. 14th week after fertilization Williams, p 155; Moore, p 109
Toenails are present. 14th week after fertilization England, p 173
Slow eye movements first occur. 14th week after conception

Nijhuis/de Vries, p 5; Brinholz, p 679


Eye movements are first seen. About 14th week conception Inoue, p 172
The nail anlagen form on the toes. About 14th week Larsen, p 311
Eye movements are first seen. 14th - 16th weeks after conception

Roodenburg, p 33


The first day that movement is noticed by the pregnant woman is called "quickening". 14th - 18th weeks after fertilization Williams, p 23


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