Appendix 2
The Development of the Unborn Child's Body





The rudiments of the toes become evident.
Day 42 after conception Rugh, p 47
Toe rays are developing. Day 43 after fertilization Sadler, front pages
Toe rays appear. Day 44 after fertilization Larsen, p xii
The toes are developing. Day 48 after fertilization Sadler, front pages
The toes are well-formed. 7th-8th weeks Sadler, p 108
The toes are free. Days 50-56 Sadler, p 110
The toes are beginning to separate. About day 52 after fertilization Moore p 100
The toes are free and longer. Days 54-55 after fertilization Moore, p 91
The toes are separated. About day 56 after fertilization Moore, p 100
The toes are differentiated. End of 10th week after fertilization Williams, p 154


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