Why Write This Report

It is no secret that abortion is one of the most difficult and polarizing issues facing our country today. Each side argues its case, but it often seems that we are talking past each other and the problem remains as intractable as ever.

As a pro-lifer, I believe we can make the most progress by influencing the views of open-minded people on the pro-choice side. I think the first step is to address the human life issue in a friendly and objective way, free of moralizing, religious overtones and judgmental attitudes. After all, one person won't necessarily agree with the religious views of his neighbor and each may have different value systems and ideas of right and wrong. We all do agree on one thing, however. It is wrong to take a life. Our country has laws against doing this. So, then the question: "Is the unborn child a life"?

To provide an objective framework for talking about the human life issue, I gathered scientific information from many sources that lays out the step-by-step development of the unborn child. In doing so, I was amazed at what science has learned about this awesome process. In particular, I had no idea how much development occurs in the early stages of pregnancy, especially during the first eight weeks when virtually all of the organs and tissues of the body are formed.

I have always been pro-life as a matter of intuition. However, as I gradually built up the scientific data, its cumulative impact reinforced my gut feeling that the unborn child really is a human being from the moment of its conception. I invite others to consider this information. The sources for all the information presented below can be found in the appendices.

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